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This page provides links to learn about and join Fyber Labs development team.

Fyber Labs is setting out to make a fully open source hardware company. We will release all hardware designs and software we develop. Our goal is to fundamentally change how people experience the world.

Our initial hardware product lines are Social Light and BodyBots. Product supporting mobile and web software will allow our users to connect with other social networks and help users maintain a chosen level of privacy.

About Fyber Labs Development

Our teams and process


Design Team
Responsible for application, demonstrations, and modeling of the hardware
Hardware Team
Designs circuit boards, embedded software, manufacturing, and testing
Software Team
SociACL web service, s3r.ch web platform, mobile applications, and operations

Feel free to join our Google group - https://groups.google.com/d/forum/fyberlabs to learn more about what is going on.


Hardware Tools:

We will strive to keep development as open as possible. Ideally all hardware development could be duplicated with minimal means. We will release breakout boards and prototype designs when possible.

EDA Development:

  • Diptrace for EDA development - the free version is not for profit, but its license options are very affordable.
  • SMD over through-hole with reflow soldering
  • 0402 size SMD components are typical in reference designs, but we prefer 0603 if possible for homebrew reflows.
  • (Social Light will likely utilize 0201 passives to minimize size.)

For more information on specific tools Chris Hamilton is using for hardware prototyping, check out his blog. We recommend OSHPark and OSHStencils, though some board designs may be etched at home.

Selected Components

Component Description Datasheet Reference BOM Reference Schematic Dev Env Dev Kit
nRF51822-QFAB-R7 ARM based BLE Wireless MCU Datasheet BOM Schematic (Not publicly available without Dev Kit) NRF51822-DK
JN5168 MIPS based 802.15.4 6loWPAN Wireless MCU Datasheet BOM Schematic Dev Env Module
MK20DX128VFM5 ARM Cortex-M4 with USB On-the-Go controller Datasheet BOM Schematic Dev Env Dev Kit
STM32F401CCU6 Espruino capable ARM processor Datasheet BOM Schematic Dev Env Dev Kit

Embedded Development:

  • GCC based ARM/MIPS tool chains,
  • Espruino based Javascript for user hacking.

Design Tools

3D Modeling Tools:

  • STEP files for all models including EDA modeling,
  • STL for 3D printing.
  • (FreeCAD supports both formats.)

Software Tools


Javascript stack:
Angular.js and Yeoman
For testing and browser based frontends


Relational Storage
Interactive Storage

Development Environments:

Android and Embedded
Windows Phone


Consistent Environment Creation
Automated Environment Deployment
Continuous Integration/Deployment
Public and Private Project Repositories

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